CANCER? And now what?


Over the last 10 years, due to the financial crisis, in Greece, medical support needs have grown. Our aim is to support cancer patients, while trying to achieve optimal survival and living conditions for them.


To offer medical, psychological and social support to cancer patients and their families.

AGIGMA is supported through the personal work of our members and our precious network of volunteers.

AGIGMA supports cancer patients through a crucial and vital period of their lives, as many patients do not know who to turn to, how to access care and how to harness aid in order to maximize treatment outcomes.

We aim to strengthen the individual in their critical time of need to help improve outcomes in treatment by providing emotional support and encouragement.

We believe that there is no such phrase as “I can not” and we ought to try.


With the appropriate care and when better quality of life is ensured the daily expenses for the disease can be reduced.

Prevention and knowledge are the most valuable weapons against cancer, thus we offer a 2nd opinion free of charge.

Nevertheless, our services “Assistance at home” are aiming to prevent cancer patients exposure to hospital infections and to reduce the possibility of social exclusion.

It is not just living that matters. Quality of life and well-being is what makes the difference.


Initially, when we started, we had to deal with chaos, as there were too many fronts to confront with, and too many needs… However, we focused on 2 issues, the Medical and the Supportive.

Medical Part

We, now, have agreements with prominent oncologists and oncology centers in Greece and abroad in order to be able to provide a 2nd opinion free of charge.


Agreement with private oncologists, radiotherapeutic, medical diagnostic centers (Iatropolis, Vioiatriki,…) and the Medical University of Athens (Pathology department)


Agreement with oncologists in Houston and New York


Royal Marsden Hospital


INI – International Neuroscience Institute Hannover


Agreement with oncologists in Rome and Milan


Working on a collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital (not yet confirmed)

In addition, we focused on providing the required medicines for chemotherapy to either poor or without any medical insurance patients. We also provided the required medicines for chemotherapy to patients, when there was a shortage in the Greek market due to the financial crisis.

This was achieved in collaboration with:

  • Medical Association of Athens
  • Pharmacy of the Doctors of the world
  • Social pharmacies
  • Social mission’s clinic
  • Metropolitan’s social clinic
  • Doctors without borders
  • Association of cancer patients and
  • Pain clinics

Supportive part

Our concern is to:

Inform the public on prevention and treatment issues

Ensure the medical coverage of poor patients

Apply forms and relevant papers to public authorities for financial support or pension issues on behalf of cancer patients

Provide assistance at home

Support patients during their hospitalization

Deliver chemo medicines and medical supplies to isolated villages/islands

Collaborate with the public Authority for Rights protection of patients


AGIGMA was awarded at the Voluntary Action’s with Gold Prize in the Health and Welfare field, at the 2017 Voluntary Festival by Skywalker

AGIGMA was awarded from the Municipality of Kifissia in 2017 for its contribution to Health and Social Welfare field

AGIGMA was awarded in June 2017 for his programm “Cancer & 3rd Age – Information & Prevention”

AGIGMA was nominated at the Prix Galin Greece in 2017

AGIGMA was awarded at the Voluntary Action’s with Silver Prize in the Health and Welfare field, at the 2016 Voluntary Festival by Skywalker.

AGIGMA was among the 14 finalists of the Social Business Excellence Awards 2015, which took place under the auspices of the Ministry for Development & Competitiveness and the British Council.

AGIGMA is a certified First Aid Training Center.


At the moment, we study the creation process of a tumor registry database in which all medical data will be stored (upon patients written approval) in a manner which protects patient confidentiality. Remote based doctors will have access (with patient’s written approval) in order to provide their opinion and to track records.



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Athens – Greece

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Bank details:

Account Number: 5060 070 835 496

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